Shipping & Delivery

If you’re not close enough for an in-person visit, we can deliver your teacup shih tzu puppies to you. We have a 100 percent success rate transporting our shih tzu puppies all over the United States and abroad. We personally handle all travel arrangements to ensure your puppy is safe and comfortable on their journey.

Depending on your location, transportation costs can be an additional $250 to $500 below or above the price of the teacup shih tzu puppies.

Our partners in charge of transporting your puppy is Advance, Delta, United etc , organizations that transports animals via motor vehicle. They send human chaperones in the vehicle with the teacup shih tzu puppies(y)to keep an eye on them as they travel, ensure stops and play along the way, and always attend to your pup’s needs.

We are deliberate about choosing ground and Air transportation to deliver your teacup shih tzu puppies. While we understand your eagerness to meet your puppy in person as soon as possible, we also feel right about air transportation which is 100 percent safe and all puppies fly on board the plane alone side a Nanny that cares for them and get them to your nearest airport safe and sound, if its a home delivery then a delivery van drives from your nearest airport to your doorstep for delivery.

We want your puppy to be safe and comfortable, on ground and air transport accomplishes that goal.

shih tzu puppies

Money Back Guarantee.
If you are not happy with your purchase, feel free to return the purchased puppy to us(teacup shih tzu puppies) within 30 days of your purchase date against a complete refund

shih tzu puppies

Secured Payment.
We are aware that the payment methods used to purchase online is a major concern to most of our customers. We offer you a more secured and traceable payment options that do not require you sharing any of your banking details.

shih tzu puppies

We Value Your Time.
Here we (teacup Shih tzu puppies) do our best to stay in touch with our customers with typical email response times less than 2 Hours. Follow up calls to keep you updated at all times is our top priority while doing everything possible to shortened delivery times.